Dec. 5, 2007

Lazer eyes are gonna gets you!!

Author: Napoleon

I tolds ya fis was mine! I shall turns on the lazer eyes to protected my box!!

I is all sorry we hasn't been able to visit lately. Momma had to go help her friend in anofer towns, and then while she wab there she got bery sick. Momma says it mights has been food poisonings, cause she sickuped alot and spents alot of time in the bafroom. Now she feels like she was never sicks at all. It came on bery suddenlys and only lasted abouts 24hours or so. It wab very bads when it happened though. Momma almost neber gets sicks, so it wab a bigs suprised. Her tum-tum hurted real bads, she is so bery glads its all ober!

Momma has a plumber comings out todays to look at the leaking undersink in the bafroom, then she has to go to another far away town to look at a mattress so that Great Grandma will have a bed to sleep ons when she comes to libe wif us. I shall of course act horrible ubset and irritateds by having a intruder in ours house and my siblings will helps me wif the running arounds like madcats, thundering downs the hallway. When he weaves I shall leads them outs from hiding and lead the charge in demandings extras special treats!


  1. Lazer eyes are very good for protection of your special box! But use them responsibly, they are dangerous.

  2. Laser eyes are always good~!!!

  3. Oh Napoleon couldn't I'z play with you in your box?! I'z promise to play nice after all... ;) It's good that your Momma's gotted herself better 'cause I'z been missing you bad!


  4. Napoleon, you are so handsome that grandmother will certainly fall madly in love with you and maybe give you munchies out of her catnip stash. All grandmummies have catnip stashes. Don't eat the Wurther's Originals. They'll stick to your teeth, but I guarantee she'll be trying to hand them out like it's Halloween.