Dec 19, 2007

Momma's been slacking!!

Author: Napoleon =^.^=

Firsted of all, this is a ways old photo...likes at least 2 or 3 weeks old! Seconds, this be the second week in a rows where she "forgotted" to let us in to do our bloggings. I knows it just Hunter's day on Mondays, but two weeks in a rows he hasn't gotten a chance to do its! Momma is soooo lazy!!! She says she be busy wif all the holiday and a squillions ofher things...but we knows the truf! She be LAZY!!!
Now she be trying to tell me that wif the holiday and the fambily and the squillion ofher things that is happenings, from decembers 29th tills the 6th or 7th of Januarys she isn't sure how much bloggings is goings on.

Um, Mommas is you not paying attentions?? Those happens to be some of the days when I is suppose to be bloggings. I'm sure Hunter and Belle will bes ok wif missing theirs days, but I aint missing mine!!! I shall break downs the door and typed myself, even ifs I can'ts add any photos!

Ands then on tops of all fhat, she be tellings us all about Great Grandma comings to move in wif us on the 10th of Janauarys. I is pretty sure thats likes only a few moments aways!! Great Grandma is fines for the visitings 'cause she luves kitties and is always tryings to get us to come to her and be petted, which, cause I is a beautiful mancat I do not allows it. But anywhays, if Momma is taking care of Great and feedings her meals and takings her shoppings and goings to People-Vet visits, whens is she suppose to sit downs and let me snuggles????????

Oh Momma says I has to clarified somethings for our friend Adan. Its abouts Momma's teeth. Her teeth is fine, even though they aren't sharp and pretty like mine. However, she be wanting her teeth to be white, like a movie stars! So that is why she has to have this stuff in her mouth for two hours a night. And she be wanting us to say Fank You for the persons who gave us advice on how to help Momma stop droolings!


  1. I completely understand why you would be upset about the "busyness" which prevents servants to help us blog. I personally went TWO weeks without posts! Outrageous.

    I hope you get some blogging time throughout the Holidays!


  2. Oh gosh I'z not sure iffen I'z should let Isis see dis, she'll get very upset iffen she can't see you all KissMouse, but as you is so good to her I shall try and keep her distracted until she can go get herself a belly full of kittens and stop being such a silly girlycat over you young Mancats! ;) I'z assure you you'z her fave, but since she wants a belly full of Abys for spring I'z appreciate you're being a nice mancat about her week long fling! ;)

  3. You'z goin' off and leavin' me for a week! Dat's outrageous... Luckily I'z got Kissmouse purresants to get and food to try, plus we'z having Dad's Mum to stay so I'z can spend a lot of the time askin' her how purrty I'z lookin' :) I'z going to expect lotsa attention in d'New Year or I'z just might pay lotsa attention to one of dos Stud mancats Mummy's arranging for me to go visit with... ;) *giggle*

    Oh, ok Mummy I'z a good girl and won't torment Napoleon too much... *blush*

    Just purromise you'z won't fink I'z less beautiful when I'z got a belly full of kittens and I'll be d'happiest kittygirl ever! :)


  4. Napoleon, I completely understand your situation. I can barely get my Mom to take dictation and type my comments, much less get around to visiting everyone and taking part in all the goings on in the Cat Blogosphere. It's just so hard to find good help, isn't it?!


  5. It is hard to find good secretarial help. We totally understand. Our Maw keeps telling us how busy she is too. She barely manages to post daily, let alone help us visit ANY blogs. Good grief.

    Luf, Us