Dec 26, 2007

The disturbance of a sleeping cat....

Author: Napoleon
In this picure, I is sleepings very soundly. All is peacebull, and quiet. All is write wif the world.

That flashing things is starting to disturbes my sleep Momma!! In fise pictures you can tell I is tossing and turnings. But I still determined to finish my naps. I is still a growing boy and I needs my beauty sleeps if I is to look really goods for Isis.

In this finals pictures you can tells I is not amused. I has been berry rudebully awakends!! There shall be retrubritions. Momma must pay. I am plannings a 3am meowlings session were I shall be inconsollable like a blurpy thing wif colic. I shall disturbed her sleeps like she messed up mine. And unlikes a blurpy thing, I has claws...hehehehehe
You is in soooo much trouble now, Momma!!

Meezer Rule: Whens the kitteh is sleeping, DO NOT DISTURB THE KITTY!! or you shall pay!!!!

On a differents note, I forgotted to mentions my momma tellings all the kitties here about a dangly bits removale thats suppose to happens to me on the firsted or second of Jaunuberry. My siblings is gigglings and being rudes, Hunter is sympatheticals cause he hads his stole when day whens he was sleepings. Buts the ofher kittehs here are snickerings. Belle doesn't realibes that I lookked on the interfishynets and it saids that the lady has to gets her tummy shaved! HAHAHAHAHA! I onlys has to have a weeeeee bits of fur taken, and a tiny little two stitches. She has to go nekkid on her belly for weeks tills it groweded back in! Lets she her try to be all prissy and a "southern lady" cat then! HA!

On the more serioused side of stuff, I am still eagerly lookings for kittehs who are dedicated to the completes ruling of the world. I am makings up meezer rules to help when I is king, but I could use some helps.


  1. That is an excellent Meezer Rule! Our humans love to take photos of us, but fortunately they usually remember to turn off the flash.

    I guess we are lucky being Sphynx - no need to shave any fur!

  2. hahaha well done excellent rule for meezers.

  3. I think human just can't help to pet us when we are sleeping~~~
    I bite them sometimes, but if I am just too tired, I won't wake up~!

  4. Oh your Momma was awfuwwy wude to wake you up!

  5. That's a great Meezer rule. Naps should not be disturbed by flashy things. Sing a good song to your Mom this morning early. The girl kitties shouldn't be rude to you about your upcoming hoohaectomy. They won't think it's funny when they have to have their operations.

  6. I'z sure Isis would love to help as soon as we'z gotted her away from d'nip pillow... Right now she's too 'nipped out to help any puddy! ;) Oh and just so's you know iffen you'z get your dangly bits off, you can still have urges for d'lady cats! ;) Well you can iffen they'z real purrty! :)

  7. Oh no! I go to the V-E-T on the 16 of January ... no one mentioned anything about my beautiful fur getting shaved! Plus now I hear that it will grow back gray before it becomes white again! Good meezer rule, those humans/servants can be so rude with that flashy box! Happy Holidays to you all!!

    Purrrs and meezerly love,

  8. Mommie sez Iz gots ta hav da same ting dun too soon. I dunno, it noe sownd lyke fun to me.

    Pwease tell raowr to stop by my bloggie today. Iz taggeded her fur a Meme!

  9. Oh Napoleon you'z going to need a nurse and a queen! Just remember I'z not going to kiss your ouchy all better though, but I'z sure good at ear cleaning! :)

  10. First the innerfishnets, then the werld! Der's a meezer club you should join. I like yur idear of keepin Mom awake, but I always furget an sleep insteada wakin an singin.