Dec 24, 2007

My brother and I lounging around, waiting for Kissymouse Day!

Author: Hunter

Hello everybodies! I hasn't hads a chance to bloggie for almost free weeks!! I is ok abouts it though. I is so mellows and laid back, it doesn't bother me much. Howevers I has told Momma that since I has been such a good boy abouts this, I expect a special nip pressie all for myself for Kissymouse day!! I is the only one that really likes nip. Its really weirds that my brother and sisters don't like nip. I fink theres somefing wrong wif them!!

Oh I has to say that some of the kitties here is berry jealous cause Momma wents away to visit her fabmily and stayed overnights. She was gone for 2 days and 1 nights. Momma was ready to go and ats the last minute she scoopeded up Raowr and tooks her wif her!!! Momma says that Raowr behaved like a perfect little kitty and didn't meow once during the whole hour long drive. She was sooo super quiet you neber would has known she was in the carrier!! Anyways, eberybody just lobed on Raowr and petted her and some of the peoples wanted to adopts Raowr!! Momma said nooooo. But then Momma thoughts about what is rights for the rest of us kitty fabily and said thats if the right situation and the right perfect person came alongs she would lets someone adopts Raowr. Cause Momma says, 4 kitties in the house is a bit much and she wants to make sure thats all of us kittys gets the most love, attention, vet care, temptaysions and everyfing we could ever needs. She won'ts let just anyone take us though, it has to be a better situation for one of us to live there rather then here. So she ended up saying no to two differents peoples, and she broughted Raowr back home.

Ones of the people that really really woved Raowr and wanteded to adopts her has two wittle bitty blurpy things. Momma thoughts that Raowr might not get the love and attentions she needs from the growned up beans because they boths work and has to take care of the bitty ones when they isn't workings, and the blurpy things might squeeze her too hards. The blurpy things are twins and they LOVES kitties, they go a wittle bits insane when they see us kitties. Infacts, they came over one day and visited wif our Momma while the adult beans hads some grown up times. Only Raowr was brave enough to visit the blurpy things and only for a few minutes at a time. Momma finks this fabmily will be perfects for a kitty maybe whens the blurpy ones are five years olds. Then the wittle ones cans give lots of lovings and will knows how to pet gentles.

The ober person who wanteds to adopt Raowr wives berry far aways in Washing-machine-ton. Thats a longs way away for our sister to trabels!! But Raowr is berry good ins the car, so we finks that she could do it just fine. Buts, the lady was only sort of kinda interested and just starting to finks about getting a kitteh. She lobed Raowr cause she is sooooo mellow and just lobes to be held and petteds. Momma really thoughts about it, but decided that since the lady wasn't absolutly sure yet, sometimes travels for a week, and didn't has all the kitteh essentials at home yet....that this would nots be a better situation for Raowr. Anyways, this lady libes alone and Momma finks she would be a good canidates to adopt a kitteh someday when she is sure that she wants the responsiblity and the great joys of being owned by a kitteh.

Momma hadnts brought Raowr wif her to get her a new home, Momma LOBES Raowr berry much and doesn't really wants to lose her, but this trip sure mades her finks about somethings. Momma has tolds the neighborhoods childrens that ifs they find any more kittehs they shouldn't bring them ober anymore. Cause Momma has a soft hearts and always says "Yes" whens they ask if she wants anofer kitteh. Momma wants to be a responsible owner and wants to make sure that all her babies gets all the lovings and everfing we coulds ever wants or need, and she worries thats if she gets too many we wouldn'ts be as happy as we is right nows. Its only a 1100 sq ft house, and now wif Great Grandma movings in it will seems we finks that 2 beans and 4 indoor kittehs is just the rights amount.

Ands to finks that some ob us kittys were jealous! We thoughts Momma took Raowr wif her cause she lobed Raowr more thens any of us. We hasn't ever gone over to Grandma's house be4! There was alots of beans there and a few half grown blurpy things. So maybes Raowr was the right kitteh to go there, cause I definetly woulds not has been happy abouts the lots of beans. Raowr lobed it, she drooled and made kitteh air bisquits wif her paws. And we heards that Raowr gots to meet Grandma's two kittys, and they even shared their stinky goodness wif her. Okays, now I is confused..should I be jealous or releibed thats I didn't go? I is pretty mellow, I finks I'll just wait for the tempytations bag to come out again and Momma can make it ups then.


  1. Yes, our holiday season has been very cozy with our 13 cats... 11 strays taken in... it's been fun. We must have one of those kitty hobo signs outside our doors, you know, that says "soft hearted human lives here" so the cats know where to go.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas,
    Missy Blue Eyes & KC
    and all the "Sherwood Shelter"

  2. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a happy, and safe Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!


  3. Arh...pwobabwy it's better to stay at home eh?
    Mewwy chwistmas to all of you!

  4. I think you should feel relieved that you didn't have to go, Hunter. You wouldn't have enjoyed the trip nearly as much as Raowr did. A very Merry Christmas to all of you.