Dec 7, 2007

THE Package arrives!!!

Author: Belle
On Wednesday afternoon Momma went down to get the mail and to send our secret paw package off to MR.Chen. When she checked out mail, there was a box for US!!! It came from Sammy, Festus, and Emma Chesney all the way from Kinderbook Il. !! FANK YOU!!!!

Here we is sniffing it, making sure its really for us!

Hunter and Napoleon were rubbing their cheeks on it and purring and they were so excited. I of course pretended it was just another day. Even though its only the second time EVA we have gotten a package addressed to us!


So many fun things! That red thing has lots of toys STUFFED in it!!!

Close up of the loot!!

Yes, thats TEMPTATIONS!!!! omg, and some kind of super duper special stinky goodness thats almost all tuna!! Oh yeah!! WE WOVES ITS!!!!! ps: see all the toys in that red thing? They are all mine, oh, fine...I'll share...but only while your watching me Momma. ;)

Here I am playing with my favorite new red toy!!

Oh Momma says she has to mention a thing about the secret paw package...apparently we live in a tiny town. And we only have like 3 postal workers. And they were all commenting on the package when it arrived in town. They thought Napoleon, Hunter, Belle, and Raowr were the names of nonfurry children!! LOL And then when Momma sent out the package to Mr. Chen they wondered about it cause his address only has 2 numbers in it. They said its soooooo unusual for a street address to only have 2 numbers in it. I wouldn't know, cause I didn't get to go down to the post office with Momma...even though its only 2 minutes away from here. I would have loved to gone in and sent it off personally, but Momma says there is no way she could take just one of us and there was no way she was herding 4 cats into the car for a 2 minute drive. And then on top of all that, she forgot to put a card in the package to Mr. Chen!!! SIGHS!! I feels really bad cause I wanted to say hi to our new friend in Illinois. WE got a card from the Chesney family and it even had a photo of all of them. We is bery impressed...even though they says their Momma's printer is retarbeded.


  1. Wow! What a great Secret Paws package! I love Secret Paws, it is so much fun. A big part of the fun is seeing all of our cat friends get their presents.

  2. Oh goodie goodie.
    You kitties got a super great surprise!!!!!

  3. It's so exciting to get mail - and you got lots of cool stuff!

  4. Ooh I'z can see you there Napoleon, I'z not sure what I'z like the looks of bestest... ;) You or the temptations, food and toys?! It's hard for a nearly fully growed Girlycat to make her mind up at times you see...


  5. Wow! That's a great Secret Paws package! Maw hasn't gotten ours together yet to send, but she will!

    Luf, Us

  6. Woohooo!! It's nice getting parcels isn't it?

  7. Lucky kitties, such a wonderful package for you (good thing the postman knew where to bring it!)
    Happy Christmas to you all.