Dec 21, 2007

Merry Christmas

Author: Belle

Momma says with the holidays just a few minutes away, we should say it now just incase we can't blog until after the christmas is over. Sooooo, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
We all hope you have a fun,safe, and present filled holiday season.

Just a warning for all you young kittens out there "Do NOT eat the tinsel!" Not only is it very bad for you, but you can end up pooping out tinsel. And its not as fun as it sounds!!!!!!

Also, Momma wanted to say that she got a card in the mail the other day from KC and Missy...Momma is having a brain fart, she can't remember if its Missy Blue Eyes or just Missy or if its some other combination...but she thinks you'll know who she means! She says to say "THANKS!!!" she really enjoyed it and it was super cute!!

Well Momma also wanted to let everyone know that SOMEONE is getting his dangly bits removed right after christmas. HAHAHAHA!!!! She says its cause Napoleon has been meowling his head off night after night after night...and well, he's been getting overly affection with me. I told him, I'm not interested....I want a real mancat, not a stinky big brother who thinks he is a mancat. Momma is giggling cause she says I'm next. Um, I don't have any dangly bits... I have no idea what she is talking about!!

Oh man, now Napoleon wants me to say that Isis is the prettyiest girl kitty in the whole wide world and he is only interested in her and he doesn't get overly affectionate with me at all. But thats a big fat lie!!!! He put the "moves" on me. I swatted his face big time and put the bitey on him! Napoleon says he is just upset cause his Isis is gonna have babies with another mancat thats why he is meowling and that he was only "wrestling" with me. HA!

You know what? I think I'll just stay the lonely single Southern Belle. I don't think I need the drama and trauma, after all I might get a wrinkle!


  1. Ah so that's what my 'sis has been wailing about recently! ;) It seems she and Napoleon have been seein' iffen they can hear each other and communicate without the need for a blog... :) My Mummy says that ear plugs work nicely as does giving a half dose of piriton to the squawking wanton just before bedtime... Armed with this knowledge maybe your Momma can have a peaceful Christmas night and some sleep!? ;)

  2. Mewwy Chwistmas to all you guys too!
    After Chwistmas sounds wike a wot of twips to the V-E-T for you....hope it's not too bad...

  3. To one and all, a most merry Christmas holiday and a happy new year... and share our wishes with your beans, too.

  4. Merry Merry Christmas to all of you~!!!!!!

  5. Fanks everybodies for wishing us all the happy holidays!!!