Dec 28, 2007

Whys hasnot I bloggied yets?

Author: Raowr

Normalleys today is the bloggied day of Belle, butted she is letting me do its cause I needs fhat practeyes. Momma says she donnots now what is wrong wif the camera its not cakiing good enuf pictures of me. Everybooty that meats me says I is beauuuutiufls!

THis ober picture of me makes me looks like is a giants kitteh, but donnots worreh, I is really tiny.

I gotted taggied for my ferry firsted ever MEME by Chance Bond !! Momma is gonna writeed for me caused my apaws is gettins tietie.

Here are the meme rules:* link to the cat who tagged you and post the rules on your blog* share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself* tag 7 random cats at the end of your post & include links to their blogs* let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. Raowr doesn't play like a normal kitten. She only plays once in a great while, and only for a few minutes.

2. She loves to sleep, but only if she can have her choice of spot.

3. She loves to be held, and goes limp like a noodle when you pick her up.

4. She has an amazingly loud purr for such a tiny kitten.

5. She shoves the larger kitties away if there are treats around. She can run pretty fast then, but unless there are treats involved...she doesn't run.

6. She drools, alot.

7. She makes "air bisquits" when she is really happy. Especially when meeting new people including small children, she kneads the dough in the air, purrs, and drools. Yet everyone thinks she is adorable. ;)

I is tagged my big brofurs girlyfridn,Isis and nobody else cause this be an olde meme and I finked alots of kittehs has already dones it.


  1. Oh, yoor furry cute! Speedy drools when he sleeps on mom but dat is da only time.

  2. You are very cute, Raowr! Merlin has a very loud purr for a tiny little kitten too.

  3. What a little sweetie. Welcome to blogging honey.

  4. hello little one!
    don't worry bout the playing thing, i don;t do much of that either, i am far too dignified! :)

    happy new year to you all xx

  5. You wook so cute Waowr!

  6. I never heard of a kitten who doesn't play much!!! Amazing! She seems to be a very special kitten!
    Have a wonderful New Year!!!!
    Your friends from The Cat Realm

  7. Gud job wit da fyrst meme Raowr! Dose arr sum intwestin tings bowt yoo. Iz soo glads yoo got to bloggie an shares dat wit us. Mommie sez to tell yoo I do da air biskits too. Wen she pix me up I do dat til I can gets her arm. She giggles cuz it looks funnie. Hehehe.